Buna Vestire
Romanian Orthodox Cathedral

Rocky River, Ohio

A parish of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas

3300 Wooster Rd
Rocky River,  Ohio 44116-4180

Phone: 440-356-1126
Fax:      440-356-1126


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Immediate & future activities / Activitati imediate si viitoare


Our church located at 3300 Wooster Rd, Rocky River, Ohio 44116


Our priest, Rev Fr Ion Gherman


Our parishioners




Very Rev. Prot. Ion Gherman - Parish Priest

Constantin Prescurea - President, Epitrop 2

Catalina Sopa - Secretary

Monica Sabac - Treasurer

Ioan Avram - Epitrop 1

Viorica Cinci - Epitrop 3

Teodor Stroie - Auditor

Dijana Bokjanc Auditor

Alin Baciu Auditor

Sorin Motoc

Viorel Oprean

Mihai Popesco

Doina Tuş - Religious education

Claudia Roşca - President Ladies Auxiliary


Congress delegates

Alexandru Suba

Jean Roşca

Deanery delegates

Silvia Bătăran

Ionel Sirca



Claudia Roşca - President

Sorina Stroie  - Vice President

Marcela Motoc  - Secretary

Georgeta Prescurea - Treasurer

Lenuţa Oiţă - Auditor

Dorinne Suba - Auditor


YOUTH ORGANIZATION                      

To be defined


Parochial School

Doina Tuş - Director

Mihaela Fulop Professor

Carmen Ivan - Professor

Geta Prescurea - Professor / Treasurer

Mariana Somogyi - Professor


Lucian Frncu - Custodian - 440-845-5361

Radu Lupu - Manager Parish Hall - 216-526-2184

Ionel Sirca - Choir director 330-321-8693

Mărioara Ţifrea - Holy bread - 440-360-7334


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          Immediate and future activities

          / Activitati imediate si viitoare


          Dinner March 22, 2015








          St. Theodora Feast Day
       Celebrations March 20-22



  Buna Vestire Scoala Parohiala - News        

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Bill Martin and family at the BV Picnic 



School children, priest and teachers


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         Confession Guide - Romanian and English


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